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Sundays 9am & 11am

11775 Morgansburg Rd 
Bealeton, VA 22712

Welcome to Liberty's Little Ones

Welcome to Liberty's Little Ones. Our program is specifically designed for children birth through first grade. Our mission is to create a safe, fun, healthy, and loving environment that will help create positive futures. We want to teach young children about God's love for them, Bible stories, and about Jesus. 

We offer Liberty's Little Ones during both of our services at 9am & 11am.
Some Answers To Your Questions...​
  1. What if my child cries?
    Children tend to adjust and begin having fun. Our workers are trained on upset children. If your child cries for 10 minutes we will page you.
  2. How will you find me during the service?
    We use a number paging system. You will be assigned a number (which will stay the same each week).
  3. How can I be sure no-one else picks up my child?
    You will give a list of people allowed to pick up your child. We will only release your child to these people. We will ID if we are unsure
  4. What if my child is sick?
    If your child wouldn't go to school then they should stay home and get well. We want a healthy fun environment.
  5. What will my child be learning?
    Our curriculum is Bible based and our goal is to introduce them to our Heavenly Father.
  6. Are your volunteers safe?
    All of our volunteers are screened workers. To complete this process we involve references, training, and interviews.
  7. Is there a place to breastfeed my baby?
    We have a nursing mothers room that has a live feed of the sermon. Ask a volunteer where this room is located.
  8. Is there a place to change my baby's diaper?
    Changing tables are located in the nursery room.